Each Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) zone is governed by a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC). An LFCC is comprised of Federal employees and, whenever possible, members of local Federal inter-agency organizations, such as Federal Executive Boards, Federal Executive Associations or, in the absence of such organizations, self-organized associations of local Federal officials. These groups also include representatives of employee unions and other employee groups. LFCCs are overseen by the Office of Personnel Management’s Office of CFC and must comply with the CFC regulations and guidance memoranda, as well as meet the deadlines in the CFC calendar.

LFCC Members

The campaign’s governing body which may be comprised of local Federal officials, members of inter-agency organizations, and representatives of employee unions. The LFCC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson lead the LFCC in its oversight of the campaign.

Alaska LFCC Members

Jennifer Ward, LFCC CHAIR
National Weather Service

Lance Robinson, LFCC Vice Chair
Customs and Border Protection

Bernadette Simmons
673rd Air Base Wing, JBER

Beth Pendleton
Forest Service

Cindy Blum
Fort Wainwright

Donald Weckhorst
673rd Air Base Wing, JBER

Manana Rehon
Customs and Border Protection

Michael Kobeski
Transportation Security Administration

Ronald Jones
Eielson Air Force Base

Tom Deakins
General Services Administration

Tasha Lucas
Department of Veterans Affairs