Event Planning

Campaign events promote Federal employee engagement as well as educate about the campaign and the participating charities, which ultimately helps increase campaign participation and revenue. They can be fun and a great way to boost employee morale and comradery in your department or agency. Campaign events supplement the primary goal of the CFC—to offer every potential contributor a 100 percent informed opportunity to give. They do not replace the necessity of the personal ask, which is best accomplished through one-on-one contact by a campaign worker.

Event Request Process

Interested in having a Charity Speaker or a Charity Fair? Here are the steps and forms to secure charity participation at your event!

How to request a charity for your event:

  1. Campaign Coordinators schedule events and request charity participation. They can request charity speakers or charity fairs depending on the event they are hosting.
  2. Campaign Coordinators send CFC their event request form and CFC fills the request.
  3. Charities receive an email invitation from CFC, to participate at the event.
  4. Charities respond to email invitation, providing their completed event acceptance form.
  5. CFC will then send an event confirmation email to the campaign coordinator AND the charities who signed up for the event, confirming the event participants.
  6. Campaign Coordinator then work directly with the participating charities to ensure the event specifics, location information and other necessary details are communicated.

Promote Your Event

Use the Cause Board below to engage donors at your event. Be sure to complete the Photo Release Form for any photos you take. DO NOT capture charity names in your photos. All photography must be generic in approach, promoting a cause not a specific charity.

Types of Events

From kickoff to closing out the campaign, events are critical to encourage participation and increase awareness. Events can be part of something already scheduled, like inviting a charity speaker to weekly staff meetings, or they can be a stand-alone, like a chili cook-off.

Awareness Events

These events help to educate your community on the options and benefits of supporting charities through the CFC. These events are a great way to spread the word about the campaign and build motivation to support charities through the CFC. Awareness events can be held at the beginning of the campaign (e.g., a kickoff event), throughout the campaign (e.g., a charity fair).

Special Events

Often conducted in conjunction with an event that is already taking place at your agency (e.g., leadership calls and staff meetings, farewell parties, bazaars, training/safety days, etc.). Hosting a friendly CFC competitive event can boost energy around the campaign and add a fun element to an existing event. This year, consider planning special events in support of the CFC promotional days: Kickoff Day on Oct. 2,  Show Some Love Day on Nov. 2, #GivingTuesday on Nov. 28, and International Volunteer Day on Dec. 5.

Recognition Events

Recognition events allow department or agency leaders to publicly recognize and thank campaign workers for their dedication and thank all employees for their generosity through the CFC. These are usually held toward the end of the campaign, as a finale event, or even a few weeks after the completion of the campaign.

For more information on planning events, download the Campaign Events Guide or the PowerPoint Presentation


Cash fundraising events are no longer permitted under new CFC regulations. However, events are a great time to remind colleagues to make their pledge when they return to their desk. They can give online or by check with a pledge form.

Note: Fundraising events are no longer permitted under new CFC regulations.