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Art has been shown to inspire creativity and improve wellbeing. Children who are exposed to art show greater performance in core educational subjects, are more likely to get a college degree.[1] Art and cultural attractions support local economies by increasing tourism and providing jobs. By supporting the arts, organizations preserve history and culture for future generations.

Here’s how you can make an impact:

  • $30 provides access to 30 songs for elderly patients in hospitals (music therapy).
  • $50 gives one child access to music in school.
  • $100 provides 10 performing arts ticket for low-income students.

art and culture

A CFC STORY About 18 girls and boys put on new ballet shoes and mirrored an instructor’s movements. They turned out their feet to demi-plié – down, one-two, up, three-four – and they pointed their toes in tendu.

Many of the children, who live with their mothers at CFC supported homeless shelter, had never seen a ballet performance or tried the moves themselves. They got free ballet slippers and a dance lesson from members of a ballet company as part of a new community-outreach program that hopes to bring the art of dance to women’s shelters. “I’ve always wanted to get my daughter into dance,” said a 29 year old mother who has been staying at the shelter for more than a year. Her 4-year-old daughter excitedly twirled around the room during the event at the shelter. Ballet classes are often too expensive for families struggling to pay the bills or get back on their feet.

Many kids never get to experience the joy of performing on stage or to gain the valuable lessons dance classes can teach – discipline, teamwork, risk-taking. “It’s very community-building and family-building,” the program director said. “There’s a lot of failing and trying again.” This program provides growth, community, and hope.


Have you volunteered with an organization whose mission is to lift women and girls? Maybe you or someone you know, has been affected by this disparity? Share your story to inspire others and raise awareness of this inequality within our global community.

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